We're back for another DFS Movember 2017 donation drive plus a DFS Movember soap! Read more here!!

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First things first... new member here but I have been active on the B&B forums for a while under the same username.  I can also share my ebay ID where I have been actively buying and selling since 2000.

I've been gradually working out scents and soap/cream varieties that I like the most.  The other driver here is that I will be partaking in a HUGE sample passaround very soon and would like to free up space in anticipation for new products that I will want to add to the rotation.  That said, I would consider soap trades depending upon the item.  Asking $70 shipped Cont. US but open to offers!

Here is what I have available:

Castle Forbes Lavender Cream.  Comes with the original box.  Never been lathered.  I removed two almond sized samples from the tub using a tiny spoon.  I will post photos later in the day of this one.

Fine Accoutrements Green Vetiver. Comes with the original box. Weight is approximated 3.25oz out of 4oz.

[Image: A8yRnd1]
[Image: h4GnW9p]

Razorock P.160.  Lathered 3 times and weighing 5.25oz.

[Image: uuSOaTk]
[Image: 0xcj8Od]

Barrister & Mann Lavanille.  I will post photos of this one later as well.  I'd estimate that this one has to be conservatively 80% or more.  Photos will help, sorry, just not certain on this one off hand.

Pre De Provence 63.  I will post photos of this one later as well.  I'd estimate that this one is at 90%.  Lathered a bunch of times but this is a SUPER hard soap and I've barely put a dent into it.

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