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Winnipeg, Canada
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Hi Everyone,

I'm Ryan, owner of Tallow + Steel from Winnipeg, Canada.

In June 2016 we launched our line of premium grooming products, (shave soap + alcohol-free aftershave splash) in 4 scents: Classic, Dark, Grog and Rainforest.

During our first year, we launched an exclusive shave soap and aftershave for the Reddit sub r/wetshavers, called Shag - a dirty, smoky 1960’s themed scent. We also worked with a wetshaving forum in France, to create two scents centred around cognac essential oil - the forum named them Shiva’s Cognac and Rootbeer Saloon.

In June 2017, after a great first year, we launched a new line of products. This included 5 new scents, an improved shave soap formula, an improved aftershave formula, new packaging and dopp kits.

Our new scents were created using essential oils sourced or native to their respective regions - Boreal, Himalaya, Maya, Morocco and West Indies.

Along with the new line, we created the most Canadian scent ever made to celebrate Canada’s 150 birthday, made from essential oils and extracts sourced from across Canada (Castoreum + Tim Hortons Coffee + Cedarwood + Douglas Fir + Maple Syrup + Alberta Premium 'Dark Horse' Rye) We named the set 150. 150 used real castoreum from beavers trapped in Northwestern Ontario - a first in wetshaving.

In September 2017, we worked with 3 beer aficionados from San Diego (the craft beer capital of the world) to create a Limited Edition scent using varieties of American hops used in west coast style India Pale Ale beer. We named this scent, West Coast IPA.

In June 2018, we added two new scents to join our core line, Madagascar and Sicily, bringing our regular offerings to 7.

Alongside these Madagascar and Sicily, we also launched a Limited Edition, Kyoto, a citrus/marine scent made from a blend of seaweed and green tea extract, and rare essential oils hand delivered to us from Japan.

In September 2018, we teamed up with Maol Grooming to release a custom scent for the Canadian Wetshavers Facebook Group, titled Echoes of Rain.

In October 2018, we released Merchandise 7X - the legendary Coca-Cola formula in scent form.

In November 2018 we launched our first holiday scent, Merry.

A few things that make us unique:

We use organic ingredients.

We render our own local, pasture-raised, 100% grass-fed tallow. The highest quality tallow available in a shaving soap.

We only use natural essential oils, absolutes and extracts. No fragrance oils or other synthetic oils.

We have partnered with a charity for each product, and donate 10% of profits from that product to its respective charity.

Please feel free to browse our website at tallowandsteel.com to learn more, or follow us on social media.




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Austin, TX
Welcome Ryan- really like the sound of Rainforest and Grog in particular.

Winnipeg, Canada
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Thanks Kevin. Rainforest happens to be my favourite scent, and so far is our best seller.
Welcome, Ryan. Smile
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Welcome to DFS!
Welcome to DFS!

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Winnipeg, Canada
Thanks everyone!

Welcome to DFS! Great to have another artisan aboard.
Welcome to DFS Ryan!

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