We're back for another DFS Movember 2017 donation drive plus a DFS Movember soap! Read more here!!


San Francisco
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Two soap and aftershave sets today. Sale is PayPal and CONUS. Please PM me, if interested.

1. B&M Hallows, used twice. Hallows will not be offered again until 2018. New, I think, the soap was $25 and the AS was $23, plus shipping. Here $30 shipped.  SOLD
[Image: PkqedbW.jpg]

2.  Tallow + Steel, Himalaya. Used once. New, bundled, the cost was $44.14, plus shipping. Here, $30, shipped.
[Image: 1U1hmIz.jpg]
Thanks for looking.

San Francisco
Hallows is sold.

San Francisco
T&S s sold.

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