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Hello all,

With much back and forth, I am putting up my beautifully crafted TR-2 up for sale.  I am the first (and only) owner of this razor.   These don’t come up all that often.  You can get the sandblasted version, but the polished sells for $200 US, when you can find it.  To your door $190   $165, CONUS.  Canada is $170US. 

***I took a closer look at the top cap, and have reduced the price to account for the scratches that came to light with my iPad Pro camera...****

PM with your interest.

[Image: CmyHhrz.jpg]
[Image: xWramSS.jpg]
[Image: 7oZTMlv.jpg]
[Image: 1p8GKzl.jpg][Image: sccSfLn.jpg]
[Image: KCxA0sV.jpg]

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Price Drop!
I've got 3 of these (and a TR-1). By far, my favorite razor. GLWTS.

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