I currently have 2 straights in my collection which don't get much love. I prefer the Feather Artist Club SS over my straights.

[Image: TFIBCo3.jpg]

[Image: n1OgkW9.jpg]

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The intricate scales in that Oxford blade look fantastic.

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Unless you are the lead dog, the view never changes...
I'm really enjoying this thread, thank you everyone for sharing.

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I'm still a str8 n00b, but I've just acquired my second...  A GD-300 from The Stallion himself.  Here's a shot of my first, a Dovo Special 5/8" full hollow...

[Image: IMG_1022.JPG]

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Started with straights a few weeks ago. Here is my beauty:
[Image: cbbf6e564f3318beeff81f19e960059c.jpg]

Cross post from the Pure2O DFS soap thread

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Had an old  Heljestrand (5/8, MK 24, French point) Swedish straight arrive in today's mail. These old, little Swedes have a tremendous reputation as first class beard slayers. Can't wait for tmorrow's shave:

[Image: pBsmwA9.jpg]

[Image: 7zNaObS.jpg]

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Unless you are the lead dog, the view never changes...
This is a great thread. I am now enjoying pictures of straights more than DE razors. Now I just need to buy one.

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[Image: 4a110f54aca3bb1859c09f786bffa429.jpg]

Geneva Cutlery Razor with custom faux horn scales

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[Image: xlr3pcx.jpg]

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[Image: 80mm42u.jpg]
[Image: qMAZy0E.jpg]

I bought this from the bay for next to nothing and it turned out to be in decent shape.  This caught my eye because it was made for a local Cleveland hardware company somewhere around 1905 -1920. I have been trying, with no luck, to find someone local to hone it so I can try my 1st straight shave .

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