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Lisbon, Portugal
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(08-11-2016, 11:29 PM)jimofthecorn Wrote:
(08-11-2016, 05:52 AM)CHSeifert Wrote: DR HARRIS and AOS Sandalwood are far better and more natural sandalwoods. Also Proraso Red is a better more earthy sandalwood imho.
GFT's sandalwood cream is also quite good.

The Proraso Red is the most relaxing scent I know--if I ever need to shave in the evening, that's the one I turn to.

I also like the Italian Barber sandalwood, but that seems to be too earthy for most people.

I like Mühle's sandalwood. Rather than earthy or medicinal, it is a bit sweeter and warmer than other sandalwood scents in the market, I really like it.
They have it both in cream and soap form, and both are quality products. Edwin Jagger also features the same cream and soap under their brand.

Proraso is also nice, but more earthy than Mühle's sandalwood.

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TOBS sandalwood was my very first soap in my DE Razor shaving experience.
I got it as a soap in the wooden bowl.

Whenever I shave with this soap, I can still smell it throughout most of the day.
The scent is kind of addictive. I often find myself opening the bowl and just smelling the soap.
I like it very very much.

Performance is very good as well, but not as protective as artisan soaps like B&M or the kind. I tend to prefer tallow based soaps.
I would not use this soap with my Muhle R41 or Ikon 102 for instance.

Athens, Greece
I've tried the cream.

Performance is good, scent is far from being sandalwood.

There are better products at this price point.

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