Recently I've been exclusively using Polsilver blades.  For some reason this last box of blades have had outstanding  life. I've used each one for at least 8-10 shaves without really losing their effectiveness. I have to wonder how many blades I've tossed prematurely in the past. Last night I thought the blade must be on its last leg after more than a week but I received a terrific two pass shave in a Timeless Ti open comb. I'm going to give it at least a few more shaves.  

Anyone else had a batch of blades that seemed superior?

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The Wizamet Iridium Supers in the blue packaging that I have been using for the past eight years have always provided me with 10+ shaves.
I dispose of the blades after 10 shaves even though I don't really have to, in most cases,

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I try to use most blades for at least 8 shaves. (I should note that I’m a two pass shaver.)

What I’ve noticed with most blades is that they can easily be used for at least half a dozen shaves. Just recently, a Gillette Silver Blue I was using felt just slightly rough on shave #7. I decided to keep it still, and shave #8 was absolutely fine again.

I do believe most of us switch blades more often than is necessary. I’ve read of some taking their regular Feather or Wilkinson blade to several dozen shaves. Haven’t had the mind to try that yet myself, but apparently it can be done…

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I usually use a Super Iridium for a dozen shaves before pitching it. I get 24 shaves from each vintage Gillette 'Swede,' Personna 74, and Wilkinson Light Brigade, which is fortunate given their high cost.

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