2019 DFS Movember LE - Viking Shaving Brush. Read more here!!


Des Moines, IA
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Given Away!

This brush was given to me recently.  I'm trying hard to NOT add to my collection of shaving stuff.

So, this is a PIF to someone who wants to add it to their collection.  It's intended to go to someone who intends to keep it...at least for some time.  If you think its free merchandise that you can resell, please don't participate.

Just post or PM a few thoughts as to why you'd like to have it.  I'll let me wifemate choose a recipient.

Deadline?  Maybe Tuesday evening or so.


[Image: wCQl6tc.jpg]

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Des Moines, IA
If no one wants this relic, its going to the trash. I’ve got to start eliminating some “things” from my life.
I'll take it...my wife cuts all (10 of us) of our hair and this would be a neat gift for her.

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