what’s the difference in the gold pack perma-sharps and the green 7 o’clock perma-sharp?

Idaho Falls, Idaho
I find them very similar and like both
I prefer perma sharp,
Perma-sharp in the gold and red box or the green 7 o’clock perma-sharp?

West Central Georgia
I haven't tried the greens, but the gold and red Perma-Sharps are a personal favorite of mine.

Colorado Springs
The gold pack Perma-Sharp is made in Russia and 7:00 Permasharp Stainless is made in India. Both are good blades but I think the Russian Perma-Sharp is a bit sharper.

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East Coast USA
I tried both and like 7oclock yellows better than Permasharp
The most important thing they have in common is that Gillette has better blades in their line up IMO.
I tried Perma sharp in the gold pack several months ago and didn't like them. Fast forward until yesterday when I used one again, and I found it sharp/ smooth. I'll use it again today and hope for similar results.
Second shave on a perma sharp gold box blade. I like it, I'm not sure yet where it goes in my blade lineup but I would say within the top 5

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