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I have been looking at "military wet packs" since I first started getting into wet shaving a couple years ago and have always had my eye on this style of travel bag/dopp kit. While I have found quite a few companies (some of which are pretty respected names) that sell these I have never been able to find out much info on them. Does anyone have one of these style kits, or better yet, use this style of kit? Any info and or pics would be much appreciated!

Here is one example I pulled off google images:

[Image: original_luxury-leather-wash-roll-wet-pack.jpg]

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[Image: cebede82e7f714b279cae85d6b183d66.jpg]
[Image: 974dfd2efd620ed7171589f83abd6e89.jpg]
[Image: 53d9efa1d3be1100aa20f8e1a25e1c37.jpg]

I have this one from BuffaloJackson and it’s perfect! Durable leather and waxed canvas all around. The metal zippers, buckles, and hanger are just as durable. You’ll have more than enough space as well.

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[Image: OhPQJHF.jpg]I have two!  The one above is made by Drakensberg and was recently purchased on Amazon UK as a Christmas present for my oldest son this year ( currently shipping to me) and the other (your first image) is my own which I purchased directly from Executive Shaving in Glasgow, Scotland UK.  They do ship to the States, but it’s not cheap. Now’s the time to buy as they become quite scarce as we get closer to the holidays.  Hope this helps!

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