Ok. So the backstory is my wife is Native American and missed out on all TV (of significance) in her formative yrs up until the mid 90s. One of the things I felt she ought to see is the mini series The North and the South. When I saw it for sale at Target, I picked it up. As we were laboring through it, I saw this dude with a total bad... stache that I thought you guys might get a kick out of. Absolutly period correct. On my big screen on pause I feel it has to be real. This is a picture of it. I got to admire the stud that grooms his mustache for weeks leading up to filming for his role. Not the best quality pic, but you get the idea.

[Image: GlGlche.jpg]

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True irony

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One just has to wonder....why?Confused2

That is both hilarious and awesome! I love it! I would never rock one, but this guy seems to wear it well, haha. Too funny.

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Fabulous, and Jeff, I agree, he does wear it well. Leave it to Hollywood. Winking

I also like that mustache.

Now I learned how to spell a new word.
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Sometimes you just see something that you just know is the ultimate expression of masculinity and dominance. Thats why us lesser men step back and just let those studs carry the torch. It totally rocks, but no way in hell would I be able to sport that thing, let alone take the time to groom it to perfection like he did!
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True irony

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