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A true Yo-Yo
A Paladin month for me.

Ordered this one with the New Years release. It is phenomenal:
[Image: zOgYlvC.jpg]

I ordered this ebonite beauty today:
[Image: M4gTApl.jpg]

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[Image: QyWGgun.jpg][Image: Ldha4jj.jpg]

I was lucky enough to snag this Paladin “Aurora” Ebonite Chief during the release today. I’ve enjoyed and admired Ken’s work for several years now, and I’m excited to finally be able to add one of his Ebonite Brushes to my Den.

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Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
Backup vintage Floris No. 89 aftershave
[Image: JpbIjJX.jpg]

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Colorado Springs
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My Wild West Brushworks Jungle Ebonite handle arrived and I wasted no time setting the 26mm Maggard mixed knot in it.

[Image: f76534af60ddc7c348723793d0b4d8e4.jpg]

It's really hard to capture the grain of the stone in the photo but it's amazing!

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Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
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I got this bottle of Houbigant Yama "cologne" yesterday.  I took a chance and purchased it on eBay because the seller accepted my low-ball offer for it.  However, all the other Yama colognes listed there have orange and black caps, while this one has a white and black cap like the aftershave ("Men's Lotion") that I already had.  I can't discern any difference in fragrance strength between the new bottle and the Lotion one, just sniffing them.  So I guess I'll have to try it as both an aftershave and a post-shower cologne to see what it really is.
[Image: PHwDVM5.jpg]

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Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
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I received a lathering bowl by Sara Bonnyman today from an eBay seller.
[Image: HI2S9S8.jpg]

And I also received one of her scuttles from him.  Unfortunately it arrived like this:
[Image: loUkwBG.jpg]

I seem to be having a run of very poor packing by sellers.

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Minty "Squat-Head" 1912 .[Image: 5e834abc43de9412b580a191000bab9f.jpg]

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I got a Tony Miller heirloom #2 strop in excellent condition for $30 shipped. My first one.[Image: 9nIc2vq.jpg]

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[Image: PzEGv7v.jpg][Image: H4qCria.jpg][Image: ADSBf4D.jpg]

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Williamsburg, KY
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Had a shedding Badger replaced with a Cashmere knot and Bought a Shavemac from a friend
[Image: yKgQrgH.jpg]
[Image: o0zxWLD.jpg]
[Image: 7aP4rmc.jpg]

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