My soap collection is way out of hand, so I rarely get to finish a tub of soap these days. I estimate that I would get around 80-100 shaves per tub. 
Shaving on average every second day makes about 180 shaves a year so that’s about 2-3 tubs a year.
Looks like I got enough soap for 2 lifetimes!

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Depends on the soap base. Some soaps tend to get over faster as compared to others. 80-100 shaves per soap is way too high a number.

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I started making that experiment the las 3 weeks with some of the soaps that i have. With my type of water i loaded for 1 min with soaps such as DG icarus and regular base, WK donkey and buffala, Noble Otter, Ariana & Evans and Dr jons. 30sec for Murphy & Mcneil, so far this are the results:

Dg regular base 3.5g per shave
Dg icarus 2g per shave
Dr jons 5.2g per shave
NO 8g per shave
AE 4g per shave
WK Donkey  6g per shave
WK Buffala 3.3 g per shave
M&M tallow & duck 7g per shave

Im face lathering using a 26mm knot and with that loading time i can get lather for 3 pases and a little more for touch ups with most of the soaps with some i can only get 3 pases, im still have to measure M&M regular base, B&M glissant, excelsior and reserve, stirling, caties bubbles, Mdc, talbot, T&S, oleo, grooming dept. and mammoth, i'll update as soon as i have the results

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But it's so boring to use just one or two(and even 3) soaps! =)

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So this were my findings with different soap bases, it's gonna be a ymmv thing but you can get an estimate with the different brands, some of the soaps were used in consecutive days because i have to either load more soap or i used to much soap. I used a 26mm shd or declaration knot everytime, face lathering with hard water and with most of the soaps i got lather for 3 passes and touch ups.  

Ariana & Evans 60 sec loading 3.9g per shave

Australian Private Reserve 60 sec loading 5g per shave

Barrister & Mann Glissant 60 sec loading 6.3g per shave

Barrister & Mann Excelsior 60 sec loading 4.6g per shave

Barrister & Mann Reserve 30 sec loading 2.9g per shave

Caties Bubbles Luxury Shave soap 60 sec loading 1g per shave

Declaration Grooming Bison Tallow base 45 sec loading 3.5g per shave

Declaration Grooming Icarus base 60 sec loading 3g per shave

Dr Jons v2 60 sec loading 5.4g per shave

Grooming Dept. Lusso base ("firm") 60 sec loading 3.3g per shave

Grooming Dept. Donkey Base 60 sec loading 6.2g per shave

Martin de Candre 45 sec loading 3g per shave

Mammoth Soaps 60 sec loading 3.9g per shave

Murphy & Mcneil Tallow base 15 sec loading 6.9 g per shave

Murphy & Mcneil Eisteacht base 15 sec loading 4.8 g per shave

Noble Otter 60 sec loading 7.9g per shave

Oleo Soap Works 60 sec loading 2.4g per shave

Stirling 60 sec loading 4.2g per shave

Storybook Soapworks 60 sec loading 3.2g per shave

Tallow & Steel V3. 60 sec loading 4.1g per shave

Talbot Shaving 60 sec loading 1g per shave

Wholly Kaw Donkey Milk base 60 sec loading 6g per shave

Wholly Kaw Buffala base 60 sec loading 3.3g per shave

with the soaps that i have my doubts in the weight after the shave were talbot, caties bubbles, murphy and mcneil & noble otter but after some days of daily use  of those soaps the weights were pretty consistent. murphy & mcneil its just a weird base to work with, same texture like a cream but if you dip the tips you wont get any soap on the brush you have to swirl the brush, thats the only brand i won't be buying again.

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Some nice analysis. I have noticed some soaps seem to last longer.
How many shaves per tub? That depends on the tub. Usually I get 3-4 months from a tub of soap or shaving cream. Once purchased, I use the tub for every shave (once per day) until it is done.

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