I don't use lotions on my hands unless they're so dry that my skin is red and cracking. When it gets to that point I'll steal some of the wife's Mary Kay extra emollient night cream. It's a very thick pink cream in a tube. If I'm desperate and in pain, I'll put it on my hands at night and in the morning they're like new again. It also works great under your nose when you've got a cold and your skin is raw from blowing your nose too much. Get's you back to good quickly. I used this much more during the winter when we lived in Ohio. No so much here in Arizona.

Ahava makes really great stuff that the wife is rather fond of. Ahava is pretty much her favorite lotion. Really high quality stuff. A bit expensive though.

There's a Hand & Foot cream from Aveda that I'll buy here once in a while. She's rather fond of that one as well. Again pricey. Much thicker than a normal lotion.

I can't use the foot creams and lotions myself. I've tried them a couple times and while they made my feet feel great, taking a shower in the morning was a serious challenge to stay upright.

I didn't realize that Lisa's made a Hand and Foot Cream. I know she knows what she's doing so maybe I'll order some of that for the wife to try as well.

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The absolute bestest. And the smells.....OMG! You guys will love it.

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