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I’m not trying to be rude but if you find that you can’t buy any GD soaps then you’re just not trying hard enough. They regularly come available on the GD website or west Coast shaving. Italian Barber had a bunch on his site and they lasted a long time. Tao was in stock for over a month. I don’t understand why it doesn’t sellout faster because Tao is a beautiful soap. Maybe there’s more inventory.

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(07-01-2019, 02:45 AM)frenchy Wrote: Listen...don’t flame me...but gotta ask.....Why get more soap than you can possibly use in 5-8+years?  And that’s without buying anything new...Or using any stash you might already have from other vendors....

Addiction & fanaticism are diseases that occur in the psychopathic brain.

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..Why get more soap than you can possibly use in 5-8+years? Good question. I don’t see it as an odd addiction.

For me it is because I really enjoy the scent variety. With GD, I am learning about pleasant new scents I never knew existed before. If a soap is a limited edition I really like, I want a back up tub for when it runs out. Finally, the performance of the soap makes my shaves super enjoyable and my face feels great afterwards.

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