Wholly Kaw, THB and PAA for my top choices

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My top one is Ariana & Evans. Very good performance with the best scents.

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My latest favorite is A&E soaps. Have two now. Amazing slickness and cushion.

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Wholly Kaw
Grooming Dept

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D R Harris puck. Triple milled hard puck. Rub the puck directly on the stubble, as if it were a shave stick. Fabulous old-school tallow soap made by an English firm in business since 1790 (yes 1790 not a typo). Much easier to rub on face than load in a tub. Much cheaper than buying a Harris stick. Do not be put off by the cost, it will last for months and months so cheap in the long run. Wife has breathing problems so unscented or undetectable scent is a must for me. I like Almond because it is not strongly scented. Am trying Windsor next week.

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Saponificio Varesino
Saponificio Bignoli

Prescott, AZ

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(09-12-2019, 09:13 PM)meliahog Wrote: Gunslinger

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I'm unfamiliar with this this.  What artisan makes it?

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