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Wholly Kaw, Noble Otter, Declaration Grooming and many others but those are a good place to start
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Sooner or later you will try Tabac. Might as well be sooner.

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Lots of good suggestions on here. Thanks so far everyone.

Samples! The aforementioned Maggard's has the biggest selection. Some artisans also sell their own samples, the ones I know of are the (also aforementioned) Stirling, Soap Commander, Wet Shaving Products, and Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements.

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(06-04-2019, 05:13 AM)eeyore Wrote: Sooner or later you will try Tabac.  Might as well be sooner.

Ah, Tabac Happy2

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(06-03-2019, 11:37 PM)Lipripper660 Wrote: Oh boy! So here's the deal. It's hard to find a soap that is not good now. A great place to start would be at Maggards.com and get some samples of anyone they carry. That'll let you know who's soap you dig and then you can hunt up scents you like.
I can't emphasize how much this is a good idea. So many good choices, it's hard to go wrong. HOWEVER, so many scent variations, it's hard to find your favorites.

As I've posted elsewhere... I think I've gone through 40 pucks of soap. I have now somewhere in the realm of 22? Not all are the same to me. Had I gone and bought samples, I'd have probably saved myself quite a bit of money, waste and frustrations.

Seriously, post of the year here Lipripper660.

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Deciding on what soap or cream to purchase is always a gamble. The one product that has different affects on people is the soap or cream. Time after time I have read replies from people who indicate that XYZ soap is the best; only to hear another person say it was terrible. Some people love menthol others don't, some people love spices such a cinnamon, cloves and ginger others complain about them stinging their face. Purchase a product, use it then evaluate it. If you like it, read the ingredients and compare that to other formulas. Many European soaps with the exception of Tcheon Fung Sing use the same formula but change the color and fragrance. Barrister & Mann uses different formulas so you many want to look at them as a start.
Thanks all . Alot to decide.
Make it easy on yourself...just get Grooming Dept

For performance, I'd get some AOS tallow soap and a couple tubes of Coates creams... Start at the top of the heap.

Then, if anything else you ever buy even comes close to those, then you'll be very lucky. Just don't count on it!

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