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Got a few old brushes cleaned up so they can be used again.  A few more still soaking.

[Image: large.jpg]
From the left:  an Unknown boar; a Surrey Boar (Surrey was later bought by Van der Hagen); EverReady 100 Boar; a Century Pure Badger; EverReady 300PBT Badger; MadeRite 500PB; the Peerless Pure Badger

All of these are older brushes that were stored in another box but are now soaked and pampered and ready to go back to work.  The Peerless really looks just like what today is sold as Silvertip and feels as good on my face as my newer brushes. I also put the older Surrey next to a Van der Hagen that was part of a gift set given to me around Christmas and except for the color of the handle they are twins.


Just for fun I took a head shot of the Peerless, a Thater Silvertip, Kent BLK4 and a Zenith Manchurian. The result surprised me.

[Image: medium800.jpg]
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And the most recent ones cleaned up, an Erskine with a Lucite handle and a Simm's from Canada.  Both are just Pure Badger brushes but in amazingly good condition.

[Image: medium800.jpg]

Vancouver, BC
You have some lovely brushes. Smile
Love, Laughter & Shaving  Heart

Hondo TX USA
Nicely done!

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