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I made a Detroit style pizza yesterday. It was very different, but I knew that long before making it. We liked it; I'll make it again. It was also easy to make. The Ankarsrum made it, all I did was waited for the dough to rise and assembled it.

This is the recipe I used. It starts about 1 minute in. (video)

That looked absolutely delicious! Thankfully, I'll be in Detroit in the next couple weeks and now I know where I'm going to dinner Smile

Did yours turn out similar to the one in the video?

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Central Maine
Looked identical to theirs. Maybe a bit more rise to mine.

They discuss the crispy cheese edges in the video. Yup, worth fighting over. If you're there with a crowd just don't mention the crispy edges and scarf up a corner piece before they discover the choice parts. They also discuss the herby sauce in the video. The few bites of herb flavored sauce per piece is excellent. I wouldn't change anything major about it. It may look very bready, but the dough is mostly air. I would have liked to use the cheese the original uses, but it's unavailable in Maine, so I went with the Monterey Jack that was suggested despite my misgivings.

Next time I'll add pepperoni. Oh, and I'll put a pan under the pizza. Mine got huge oven spring and made a small mess in the oven as the oil ran over.

Let us know what you think of the original. If you google Detroit style pizza you'll find maps that take you to places that make it.
I was in Detroit earlier this week and was able to get to Buddy's on Monday night. I am now a huge Detroit-style pizza fan! I've always preferred the Chicago-style because I like the deep-dish pizza. But I am not a fan of tomatoes and sometimes the sauce on Chicago-style is too much. But the sauce at Buddy's was "light" in tastes...just a few simple ingredients and it wasn't smothered all over the top.

You are absolutely correct about the crust ShadowsDad! It is a light crust with very crispy/crunchy around the edges...and absolutely delicious!

[Image: KrvUewW.jpg]

[Image: 46Dzltl.jpg]

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Central Maine
I envy you having tried the genuine Detroit pizza! I'm also so glad you got back to us with that report, Thanks!

I'll have to be content with my ATK knock off recipe. We have a friend coming over to try it this week. But we're going to substitute domestic provolone for the cheese to see how we like that.

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