(12-30-2017, 10:40 PM)CCity Wrote: I swung by the office today to pick up my new SS General. It’s a beauty. I bought it because I borrowed the aluminum version from a friend, and liked it very much. My go-to AC blade razors are the Asylum RX and ATT SE2, but I really enjoyed the aluminum General as a smoother razor, yet only slightly less efficient. I look forward to taking the stainless General for its first spin tomorrow.

I think you'll like the extra weight of the SS model over the Aluminum. Congrats!

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I used the stainless General for the first time today. It feels more substantial than the aluminum version (obviously), and thus more luxurious in my hand. It's only one shave, so we'll have to see, but first impression is that this razor will fit into my collection as one of the few "mild, yet efficient" razors. Most of my other razors without significant blade feel can't give me a close shave, but a few do (e.g., Sabre L2, Timeless .95, Rockwell 6S with the #6 plate), although none of them feel as close as this General. We'll see.

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Used the SS General today with a Feather Super blade and just like the Brass General, I got an outstanding BBS 2.5 pass shave. Absolutely loved it and used a slightly longer handle (Ikon OSS) with it. Used CRSW Glide for the soap and this combination was great! The SS General is definitely a keep. Just need to figure out which General I like more, the brass or the stainless steel.

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It's sharp and it cuts. I like it...
Northeast, USA
Happy New Year 2018

SS General & Feather Pro Super #5
Maggard 30mm B&W
WK Chypre Rose Concerto w/Donkey Milk
Humphreys Alcoholado Maravilla
M&R Rose Water
Nivea 2in1 lotion
WK Chypre Rose Concerto

[Image: pUVdamK.jpg]

An excellent 2 pass shave with light touch ups. The SS General is an efficient yet smooth razor that does not disappoint. Top notch performer in every aspect when it comes to razor performance, comfort and maneuverability. The WK soap was just exquisite and with the Donkey Milk, Tallow & Lanolin ingredients, just a sublime shave with top tier post shave feel and finish. Have a great shave and an excellent 2018 Gents.... Happy2

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The General is so far the perfect razor for me, and I have tried quite a few the past 5 years.
I almost went for the stainless model, but I realized that my preference is indeed towards the Aluminum light weight, so I will most likely grab another one, once they are back in stock.

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I have purchased the Aluminum, Brass and SS General. I didn't like the Aluminum to mild, I liked the Brass even though it was also mild (vertually no blade feel), smooth and efficent for a quick DFS I don't think the Brass could ever bite back. The SS I found to be the best for me of the 3. I get blade feel yet smooth, good feedback always letting me know how my shave is progressing getting a light BBS.

It's sharp and it cuts. I like it...
Northeast, USA
A new price increase for the SS General. In which I think is still a pretty good deal. Plus a new line of products are in the works. Good for them I say...... Happy2

I got this from their website.

The General (316L)
Razor: The General.

Manufacturing Process: CNC machining. Razors may show evidence of tooling marks.

Material: 316L stainless steel.

Blade Compatibility: Feather Artist Club and Kai Titan. Feather Professional Lights and Dorco are not compatible.

Handle: 12.20 mm diameter x 85 mm long. 65 grams.

Razor Weight: 122 grams.

Packaging: Bubble wrapped and shipped in a small box.

Shipping: $5.00 USA, $11.00 Canada, $17.00 International.

Designed by Colonial Razors in Pennsylvania

Machined in China

Kirk and I have decided to increase the price of this version to $99. We have consistently proven that our quality and performance exceeds our competitions' $185+ razors.

All of our batches so far have been relatively small. We stock. We sell out. As most of you have seen, we rarely keep stock with several material options at the same time. With the new pricing, we hope to offer multiple materials as well as keep stock longer.

Not sure if many of you have heard, but we are in the planning stages of a grooming line that we hope will compete with the top dogs in the industry like Art of Shaving, Penhaligon's, Castle Forbes, etc. The new razor pricing, which we believe is still incredibly fair compared to the rest of the market, will help us bring our grooming line as well as other luxury razor metals to market quicker. Yes, a Titanium General is in the plans.

We also believe at Colonial that sharing our success with others is good business. Therefore, we are going to donate 5% from every stainless steel General sale to local community needs

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Nice for them!! I have all of the General’s so far and look forward to the titanium General and whatever else they put out. Their razors are definitely worth more and underpriced and I’m glad I was able to purchase all of them at introductory prices. True quality in all of their products. I can’t wait to see what they price the titanium General at. Should be very interesting!!

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I have all the Generals so far and I really don't see the need for a titanium one especially when titanium is a lighter material than SS or brass. With this in mind, I think I'll pass, because the alu General I have, sees the least amount of uses on account of its light weight.
What I'd really like to see though, is a DE head, that shaves as well or better than anything else on the market right now. This a tough job though as the Paradigm Ti II is very hard to beat on account of its smoothness and efficiency.
As I don't care for heavy razors, the aluminum General works for me very well.
I almost pulled the trigger on the stainless steel when it came out, but I figured there was not point.
Same for brass.
Now Titanium is half way between Aluminum and Stainless Steel, and more durable than Aluminum.
When that one comes out, I am going to be all over it.

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