I have tried 40+ soaps to date. I get much better results with $4 RazoRock's "What the Puck" soaps, and $8 mass market, yet high quality Proraso / Tabac / Spieck / Lea products. Similarly priced vegan soaps perform way better for me (e.g. West Coast Shaving, Soap Commander, inter alia).

Hence the performance of the Henri et Victoria is "sucky" in my personal opinion.
For anyone not familiar with HeV soaps, here I lather up with the vegan formulation...


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I bought this from Amazon, knowing full well that it was the vegan formula. The scent is very light compared to my other soaps, but the performance was great. All someone had to do was read the description and they would have known what they were getting. With the exception of MdC all of my soaps are tallow. I found this soap to be easy to lather and provided a good shave. I don't feel cheated because it isn't the tallow version.

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