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Good Morning,

Trying to thin my den a bit and remove duplicate razors and extra brushes. Payment will be through PayPal and shipping is conus only. Please PM with any questions. I’ll be in and out throughout the day but will do my best to answer any PM’s in a timely fashion.

Dogwood B6 26mm = $220 shipped

[Image: 0d7qD8n.jpg]

WildWest Brushworks B7 26mm = $220 shipped

[Image: urm3SFF.jpg]

Charcoal Goods Antique Brass Lvl 1 SB & OC/Stars and Stripes handle = $215 shipped

[Image: eFflfVC.jpg]

[Image: ziuN1XJ.jpg]

Charcoal Goods Brass Lvl 2 DC with Stork Brass Aristocrat Handle (80 x 13 mm) = $240 shipped 

[Image: lZXaqLh.jpg]

[Image: 6zu22mK.jpg]

[Image: ZC6nxHJ.jpg]

[Image: GcqhFZv.jpg]

OneBlade Genesis (2nd Generation) = $175

Nothing wrong with the razor that I can see. I’ve never used it. Just want it gone. Comes with a couple packs of blades.

[Image: MRwgeoT.jpg]

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