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I recently received an order form Mohammad. There was a little mix up, but Mohammad responded to my message  immediately and sent me a replacement at no cost and kindly offered to keep the other soap. I find it absolutely awesome and would like to follow his example and to offer some of my most favorite soaps to those who never tried GroomingDept Soaps. These soaps include Vegetal (Elan), Duck Fat (Kulfi) and Beef Tallow (The Flight), so whomever gets this PIF will have a chance to try the majority of the soap bases created by  Mohammad.

Please respond to this thread "I AM IN" until next Saturday, March 17, 12:00PM EST. I will do a random selection and  announce the winner by Sunday 5:00PM EST. Please, keep in mind that this PIF (CONUS) is for those who NEVER tried GroomingDept soaps.

Kind regards,

[Image: 4I9gcef.jpg]

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Awesome gesture, Alex! Not in but wish everyone the best of luck. GD offers the best soaps out there.

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- Josh
Well, I've never tried Elan... Big Grin

Not in, but what a fantastic PIF for someone to win!

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Great PIF.
I'm in.

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Not in, but very nice gesture.

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Haven't tried Grooming Dept. yet.... I AM IN.
Thank you!

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Very generous PIF! Not in, as I already enjoy three GD soaps, Mallard, Conca and Neroli.
Nice to ️ (could not find PIF Emoji)
I'm In

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Not in but agree that Mohammad is great to deal with! Nice PIF

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Never tried them, so I'm in. Thanks for the opportunity.

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Head Shaver

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