Thanks for the well wishes in my other threads.
We took possession on May 31st on our new northern NH house. We came back to the southern house the same day. We rented a U-haul on took up a minimum of furniture and lots of boxes. While out to breakfast on June 1st our realtor called. We sold the southern NH house!! Happy

We rented a second U-haul and took up more furniture and assorted items. The rest we will have done professionally. Moving my beloved wood cookstove about killed me.

On to the pictures. This is ML on the deck.
[Image: W5zcDZ0.jpg]

And relaxing in her retirement gift from her fellow teachers - a recycled plastic rocker. Impervious to the elements. Great for an exposed south facing deck.
[Image: gCnnHiH.jpg]

The property has a small brook running through it. This is me on the bridge leading to the "back 40"
[Image: FaTKrtV.jpg]

We have lupines. While rare here in southern NH they are abundant up north.
[Image: Ho3UZD7.jpg]

We have the requisite New England stone wall.
[Image: 7w3Zw0Y.jpg] 
It runs along the road but is hidden in brush. I will cut that back so we can see it.

Last weekend I was enjoying morning tea on the deck.
[Image: QCYrNNU.jpg]

Toby stayed with me while Foxy explored the yard. It is about 6 AM, hence the long shadows - the rising sun is low in the sky.
[Image: SI6h6j3.jpg]

We moved up some of the statuary.
[Image: ZN6VwXc.jpg]

We went out to breakfast and saw this gal.
[Image: ACnrT1z.jpg]

The dogs run around the yard and like to cool off in the stream.
[Image: P5YIXtu.jpg]

One last picture. ML did get her Zero Turn mower. Since she is still in southern NH I have been using it.
[Image: GtNI8K3.jpg]
I like using it. Took me a while to get used to it. I still have a bad habit to overcome. If you let go of either level it returns to "stop" position. If you swat at a fly, scratch your nose or wipe sweat off your brow you find your self making a dizzying hard turn. I have to teach myself to come to a full stop before taking my hand off either lever.

We make settlement down here on July 12th. We like the buyers and know they will love the house.

Take care,

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Living on the edge
Congratulations on your new home: it looks beautiful and very peaceful surroundings.
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Central Maine
Looks nice Phil! I hope you get everything settled sooner rather than later!

If the brook isn't seasonal... I don't know the law, but I think I'd get a big back hoe and make a large hole near the brook, then breech it and have a pond (maybe divert the brook right through the pond). Something deep enough so that cattails won't grow in it. Maybe it would allow trout to get to a decent size too, and a place for the dogs to take a real swim. If the water is pure enough, watercress.

Philadelphia, PA
nice looking property, PhilNH5. I'll be up in NH in mid-July for 1-2 days with my wife.
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Congratulations, looks very nice! Living so close to the nature must be something great. Here's a picture of my new apartment in Montenegro. It's not as big as yours but in a nice location to spend the summer vacations Smile I like to spend summer vacations in Budva, Montenegro, and finally decided to buy an apartment in Budva so that I can rent it out all the year round and return back on summer. I've already found tenants so looks like it was a nice investment indeed.  Wink
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