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so torn on the handle!! i prefer usually right around 80-85mm so the 70mm is a bit short and the 100 is a bit longer then i normally like to use.

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From what I have read, there are a limited number of aftermarket handles that will fit well. Will a UFO fit? Maybe if some owners would let us know what you have tried it would help the rest of us. Thanks

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(04-09-2016, 07:32 PM)mastershake Wrote: so torn on the handle!! i prefer usually right around 80-85mm so the 70mm is a bit short and the 100 is a bit longer then i normally like to use.

This was me exactly mastershake . I went with the long handle originally but picked up the shorter after. I prefer the shorter myself; great balance and even if a little shorter than my normal sweetspot, very usable.

I would have said, or would say that 85mm is my preference, and prefer short over long. I somewhat reluctantly went with the 70, and have grown to really like it. When the OC's are released I will probably go with the long, but mostly just for variety.

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Quick update today:

Handles have been completed. The top caps and base plates are partially done and will receive their final machining operations next week.

Here are the half-finished head pieces all snug in their little cartons.

[Image: Attachment_4534676000003115005_attach_2_27192774.jpg]

[Image: Attachment_4534676000003115005_attach_1_27192774.jpg]

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The machining has been completed and the Blackbird parts have arrived. Though there was a slight delay in the machining process, the razors are flawless and we are now back on schedule. Finishing will begin this week and the completed Blackbirds should start shipping in the middle of this month.

The machined and black oxide finishes will be completed in batches and will be shipped right away. The polished razors will be completed one at a time and will ship as they are completed in the order that they were purchased. It will likely be a few additional weeks for all the polished Blackbird pre-orders to be fulfilled.

I am VERY pleased with the machining on this batch. The corners have been softened to the perfect extent that maintains the aesthetics while providing a very comfortable shave.

[Image: Long_Machined_2.jpg]

[Image: Long_Machined3.jpg]

[Image: Machined_Head.jpg]

[Image: Machined_Short_3.jpg]

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Boy, that is a sweet-looking shaver! Congratulations, Shane. Happy2

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Very nice!!

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Agreed- well done Shane. Love seeing the evolution of the Blackbird [which I think was already a great shaver!].

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Beautiful razor, love the shape of it, any news on the open comb model?

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