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San Jose, California
Nothing special. I have a poor man's strop from Larry at Whipped Dog. It is a 2 inch wide one. CONUS only.

I will send out the following:

1. The strop

2. Some green and red powder for edge refreshing (you can put those using oil on the rough side of the strop).

3. if wanted: Some soap samples/ soap (I will choose which ones Smile )

4. if wanted: A DE blade sampler.

Just write I am in here. I will ship out stuff next Monday if anyone wants them.

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I am in, thanks for the opportunity! I would be in for the soap and Blade samples also.
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Sourav, I'm not in but that is an incredibly generous PIF. Thank you!

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Woohooo, I could use a practice strop! I'm in! Thanks!
Not in.
Great idea for a PIF, though.
I'm in, soap and blades as well

Thanks for the opportunity Suorav! SR is my next adventure

That Bald Guy with the Big Beard
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Not in but very generous, Sourav. A piece of advise to the winner-- don't mix your abrasives. The green powder is chromium oxide and rates at roughly 0.5 micron and the red is iron oxide and rates at about 0.3 micron. You can apply the green to the rough side and the red to the smooth side or you can go to a craft store and get a piece of balsa wood and apply your powders to opposite sides.

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San Jose, California
I plan to randomly select a winner this evening.

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San Jose, California

Please send me your mailing info and what items would you like to have Smile.

Thanks all for participating.

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That Bald Guy with the Big Beard
Bishop, CA
Congratulations, GloryUprising !

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