I've never liked using body washes. All yhe brands that I've tried seem to leave a soapy film on my skin that I find uncomfortable.

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As well, loofahs are a veritable petri dish for germs. Sick I generally rotate nowadays between beige Safeguard bars & Coast original scent bars. They clean as well as smell great. Smile
Duluth Trading sells some very nice big bars (called Big Ass Bars),

I personally thought a better description would be "Chunks for Hunks".

Duke is the soap company name. Very nice scents one unscented as well,

I forget it they are 7oz or more but really last.

My most pleasant soap to use is shave soap I have for one reason or another has found it's way

out of my rotation or I've just gotten "over" it and wish to move on to another "new" discovery.

There are always previously owned shave soaps or creams on the BST's, it's much easier

to use up in the shower vs listing, trying to remember the times used, amount left etc.

Lathering on a nice Japanese nylon wash cloth is such lavish treat and a must have once you've tried one,

They're very large, light nylon mesh-like weave, aggressive texture capable (up to you how much pressure)

long enough to reach entire back using one hand on each end of the wash cloth.

They lather easily and RINSE quickly as well. They are loosely weaved, VERY light, airy and dry in no time, last for YEARS.

Doesn't take too much soap to get an impressive lather either.

I found that on some of several Razo Rock soaps I first bought on BST had nice performance and scents

at very reasonable prices, but in reality, the tubs or tins were TOO large.

It would take me a whole lot longer than I have left to use up all the soaps I've gotten over the last few years.

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