Philadelphia, PA
Damn Fine Shave is a site designed for, and run by, people with an interest in wet shaving and the traditional tools used to achieve that perfect shave.

Here, through discussions, questions, photographs, and videos the newcomer as well as the longtime traditional shaver can meet and learn about techniques and products, both established and new. Whether you use a straight, double edge, single edge, or injector razor, or even a cartridge razor, and love making lather with a brush and shaving soap or cream then DFS is the place to be. If you are new to the whole concept of wet shaving then you will find friendly folk willing to help you along with advice about those products and techniques.

There are members from around the globe so we offer a welcome to all. We at Damn Fine Shave look forward to meeting you. We're glad you are here.


Damn Fine Shave
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