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Forum Announcement: BST Rules

Philadelphia, PA
Here are a few simple rules for the B/S/T section of the site.  Please spend a few minutes to review them.

1- B/S/T transactions are between the buyer & seller.  Damn Fine Shave is NOT responsible for the outcome of any transactions.  Please do your due diligence before buying or selling items.

2- Payments as friends and family via paypal are not allowed on DFS.  If someone is found to be asking for payment as friends and family, a warning will be issued, followed by a temporary and/or permanent ban if further infractions occur.

3- Please choose the proper thread prefix for your B/S/T ad.  You will be required to do this before you can create your thread.

4- Photos are required in your B/S/T/ listing.  You can easily add photos to your post by following this guide.

5- Please list the full price of all items being sold.  If you want $100 for an item shipped, then don't ask for $100 plus 4% for paypal fees if someone doesn't want to pay as a gift.  Sending payments as a gift to someone you don't know violates the PayPal TOS, which we highlight here:

6- Once you sell, trade, buy or find your item, please update the thread prefix to 'Sold' so a mod member can move it to the BST Archives.  Please also leave the photos & prices intact as this can be useful for future sales to gauge the market value for items.

7- Items that aren't marked as sold within 60 days will automatically get moved to the B/S/T Archives forum.

*BST Rules may be edited or updated as the moderation team sees fit*


Damn Fine Shave Staff